Michael Garcia

My name is Michael Garcia and I am a fourth year medical student at UCF College of Medicine in Orlando, Florida.

I helped build my first computer in middle school and started designing and developing websites in 2007 while in college at Vanderbilt University. However, the focus of my studies has always been medicine-related (neuroscience, biology, etc), hence why I decided to pursue a career in medicine. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the challenges of programming and coding, and with the increasing use of electronic medical records [EMR], as well as the growing importance of medical information on the internet, I feel it is an important skill set to maintain and further develop. Also, over the years I have come to realize that many people, especially those in the medical field, lack knowledge and understanding of the web, programming, and the digital world. This makes them vulnerable to be taken advantage, or simply unable to utilize all of the benefits available; hence why I like to help.

If you need web development services in Orlando (or anywhere, really), please feel free to contact me.

You can view and/or download my Curriculum Vitae – the web developer/designer version (although it also needs updating).

Unfortunately, my résumé for the medical profession is less relevant and more boring.